other cool things

Here are some other cool things I like to do in my spare time. : )


I created laser-cut hair pins, rings, headphone holders, and a travel chess set. I created the designs in Illustrator and cut the pieces using a laser cutting machine to cut wood, leather, and acrylic. Most designs were based off other designs I found on the web so I can't claim the designs totally, but the design files were all created from scratch. 

jewelry design

I love making jewelry. I have studied hammering, forming, stone-setting, and casting including traditional methods of casting using sand, charcoal, and cuttlefish bone as the mold. There is something really satisfying about turning metal into molten liquid. : )


My paintings tend to be vivid and full of movement and color. I love learning new techniques and find doing any kind of visual art very satisfying and meditative. 


Sometimes I dabble with making music and sound art.