I developed the plan and interaction design for the most successful 30-day crowdfunding campaign run to date, raising $27.9 million in 30 days. I was responsible for product vision, interaction design, project management, and technical specifications. I also recruited the engineering team who built it -- a task I began two days after being hired. Note: For this project, I was responsible for interaction design, but not visual design. Scroll down to see wireframes I created. 

Outcome: The project took three months from start to finish and was the most successful crowdfunding campaign run to date, raising just under $28,000,000 in 30 days. I hit the ground running and started recruiting just two days after starting the job. The direction I recommended of hiring an outside engineering firm to build the site from scratch saved the company 1.4 million dollars in transaction fees had they used Kickstarter or a similar site. Building from scratch also allowed us to integrate a custom referral program that was really successful in spreading the word and critical to the project's success. 





One unique aspect of the project was the referral program, which gave users a $100 discount for each friend they referred. This was critical for the success of the project and would not have been able to be integrated as effectively without the custom-built strategy I recommended and planned.