About Me

I have ten years of experience designing great user experiences, business strategies, products, and processes. I feel a deep commitment to using my problem solving, design, and project management skills to create a better world. I am passionate about global health and solutions that work to give equal access to health, safety, and education to every person on this planet. 

I am detail oriented, but always see the big picture. I seek perfection, but I am able to be flexible along the way. I am efficient but collaborative. I move fast, but thoughtfully. I bring positivity to complicated situations, and always try to see things from both perspectives. I live my life with curiosity, creativity, and a sense of wonder. 

What has always impressed me about Miranda is how extremely organized and efficient she is. That tied to a warm and inclusive personality, collaborative approach, and deep curiosity and creativity helped her excel in her job.
— Adam Feldstein - Chief Product Officer at Moz
Miranda’s ability to grasp complex concepts, break them down into pieces and organize them into an amazing product is matched only by her speed, attention to detail and impressive output. I’ve watched as she’s approached projects unfamiliar to her - projects really only an expert would understand - and digest them systematically until she herself was an expert [...] Culturally, she is a prized asset to any organization she associates with.
— Cyrus Shepard - Director of Audience Development at Moz
Thanks to her sharp intuition, insightful perspective, and inviting personality, Miranda was a joy to work with. She generously volunteered time to provide me with key feedback and new ideas for a number of marketing initiatives, including the customer onboarding email program. Miranda took an active leadership role on major cross-department projects and fostered collaboration. I hope to have the opportunity to work with her again in the future!
— Lauren Hall-Stigert - Internet Marketing Consultant
Miranda is very creative and entrepreneurial, but balances that well with the ability to actually organize and get things done. As a product manager, things must get done through collaboration as opposed to delegation and Miranda is very good at communicating the vision and enabling others to work on her projects.
— Jon White - Director of Product Management at Moz
As I’ve worked to develop the OHorizons communications agenda, Miranda has been a key ally to helping me find the core aspects that I should be focused on. I thank her for her persistence in addressing our need to establish clear “asks” and “calls to action” in our messaging. I have been impressed by Miranda’s vision and by the detailed effort she has put into helping us. On more than a couple of occasions I have followed her direct guidelines. It has been a pleasure working with Miranda. I highly recommend her.
— Dylan Lunney - Director of Communications at OHorizons